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Comments ( 48 )
  • Barbara Peet says:

    Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this book, I read it in one night, couldn’t put it down, The characters are so real and the pace just pulls you along. Looking forward to the next book

    • RichardJoyce1 says:

      Hi Barbara. Thank you for your kind comments. Apologies my reply is so late, but I’m learning to blog. Do you have a favorite scene, or character? How did you find the main character, and plot?

      • Barbara Peet says:

        Hi Richard, you know I loved Planet ????, he has to have a brother !!, I found the whole crash scene at the beginning very moving and atmospheric and felt the loss and anger that Johnny was feeling, I loved the humour in the book it was grounding. And I loved the loyalty and brotherhood displayed by the main characters, the plot rocketed along at a breathtaking pace and I’m looking forward to the sequel and the launch party !!!! Well done my friend ????????

        • RichardJoyce1 says:

          Thank you Barbara #Overwhelmed It is exactly how i set out the book. Teaser: The brother thing; you might like the 3rd book? Let’s part soon.

    • Krissy says:

      Can’t wait to read this book watching the YouTube clip of Johnny Vince makes me think he’s going to be the next big movie star ????????????

  • War-Book-Worm says:

    I was told by a friend in the SF to read Operation Blue Halo. Knowing it was a novel, I didn’t hold much hope for it, but decided to take the advice. Well, this isn’t a silly gun-ho book. It’s packed with all the spectrum of emotions. It’s fast paced, and the author manages to balance the thrill with camaraderie. The facts and realism are very good, and I wonder if this operation hasn’t some sort of truth about it. In fact, I had to check it was fiction. What astounds me more is that the author hasn’t come from the armed forces; or has he? I went onto this website to check out his background, and can’t believe this is his first book. The good news is, Johnny Vince will be back in a sequel. Well done!

    • RichardJoyce1 says:

      Hi War-Book-Worm. I’m so pleased that a friend of yours in the Special Forces recommended it. Your comments are bang-on about not being a typical ‘silly gun-ho’ book. Do you have a favorite scene? Won’t be long before the sequel is out.

  • Keith Pullar says:

    It was actually a friend who recommended this. I always take those recommendations with a pinch of salt, but I was so pleased I did read it! It’s an earthy gritty novel telling of Johnny Vince. How to describe him? A brave , emotional at times, tough, rough and troubled hero who had /has to deal with so much! The story is set in lots of places – foreign and domestic – and The action comes thick and fast round every page. Go read it. Then read it again. I did and I will.. till the next one comes out! Well done Richard Joyce!

  • Chrissie Franklin says:

    My first step into this genre of book and I am pleased that I chose Operation Blue Halo. Richard Joyce has aptly combined emotional intelligence with the world of military operations. His style of descriptive writing enables the reader to envisage the environment and experiences of the main characters. Evoking just the right amount of anger towards the protagonists, warmth and hope for the good guys, and a wish to kick the butt of the ego-maniacs! Our hero could do with some counselling, but I feel he may have the strength of character to be in the right frame of mind for the sequel………

    • RichardJoyce1 says:

      Dear Chrissie, thank you so much for your amazing feedback. I hope this will let you take more steps into this genre. You definitely picked up the main characters traits. Did you have a favorite scene, whether this made you laugh, cry, or get angry?

  • Jenny says:

    Not my usual genre but, on recommendation, thought I’d give this book a go. What a great read! Written in the first person, it is fast paced and full of suspense from page 1. Johnny Vince is a great character who not only battles to survive in a terrorist ridden region of Afghanistan but also with his own demons. Despite his troubles he remains true to his word and loyal to his comrades. A real page turner. Very much looking forward to a sequel.

  • Helen Willingham says:

    An amazingly good and highly recommended read

    Having never read a military novel, I found Operation Blue Halo to be a thoroughly enjoyable and very well written book. Easily understood explanations of weaponry and military terms, and real laugh out loud injections of humour. The heart-breaking pain of losing good mates and often real fear that he won’t make it out alive. This book covers a whole range of emotions. Johnny is an incredibly likeable character, but one who still agonises with his own self doubts, while continuing to give 100% of himself to his mission….. Johnny Vince really is one of the good guys. and I very much hope we’ll see more of him.

    • RichardJoyce1 says:

      Dear Helen. Awesome comments, thank you so much. Do you have a favorite one-liner or scene? Were part stirred your emotions.

  • Barry Joyce says:

    I am impressed! This type of book is not my usual genre, but I found myself physically flinching in parts and at other times crying. This book covers most of the horrors of war most of us try not to dwell on.

    • RichardJoyce1 says:

      Hi Barry. Thanks for the brilliant comments. What made you pick this book if it wasn’t your typical type of genre? What scene tested your emotions the most?

  • Gwendalyn says:

    Amazon Verified Purchase
    When I bought this, I didn’t expect I’d like it as it’s not the genre of book is usually read. But when I first sat down with it, I couldn’t put it down! I absolutely fell in love with the characters and the plot is inspired. Sequel please!

  • Stuart Parmenter says:

    Thoroughly entertaining and wonderfully paced adventure….full on action without rushing through the detail, gives a real sense of being knee deep in the plot. Can’t wait for the sequel!

    • RichardJoyce1 says:

      Hi Stuart, brilliant comments; thank you. Was there a certain part of the book which you enjoyed the most; maybe tested your emotions or morals?

  • Henry says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it in one weekend as I was unable to put it down.

    This is a brilliant first book and look forward to what is to follow.

    I cannot recommend this enough.

  • Jacqueline Pearce says:

    I have to give this fantastic novel 5/5. I was hooked from the prologue. Due to the book being written in the first person, this allowed me to live through the emotions and action with the protagonist. He is an extremely likeable character even when dealing with his own personal and emotional battles and the violence his job in Special Forces entails. There are also some very funny lines too. This book has been extremely well researched and written by the author. I most definitely recommend Operation Blue Halo for an action packed, gripping and enjoyable read.

    • RichardJoyce1 says:

      Dear Jacqueline. Thanks for the 5/5; means a lot. Do you have a favorite scene which either made you laugh, cry, or get mad?

  • Barry Scowen says:

    A terrific first book by Richard Joyce. Fans of Stephen Leather, Andy McNab, Chris Ryan and Duncan Falconer will definitely enjoy this book. Vinnie is a great character and you really feel for him in all the situations he finds himself. He isn’t a flawless indestructible superhero – he suffers a great deal during the operation and back in the UK.

    Well written, great story and pace looking forward to the sequel.

    • RichardJoyce1 says:

      Hi Barry, thanks for the brilliant comments. Did you have a favorite character, saying, or scene. The sequel won’t be long.

  • Stu saxton says:

    Operation Blue Halo. First things first…if you are a fan of extremely well-written war fiction then this should be on your bookshelf. Now.
    Having read literally thousands of books on all kinds of subjects,including a lot of factual and fictional military literature, I can be very picky! I bought this outstanding novel after a friend who has served in the forces said I would probably enjoy it as,in his words “it’s as close to being there as you’d ever want to be”. He wasn’t wrong either…Richard Joyce,the author,has penned an un-putdownable novel and a brilliant main character in Johnny Vince. I have now already read it twice over and will undoubtedly read it again before the sequel is released (Mr Joyce,get writing!!)
    I cannot praise this fantastic roller coaster ride of a novel enough,and if you needed any more incentive to buy Operation-Blue Halo,its being sold to raise funds for the Forces Children’s Trust; a very lovely gesture by the author Richard Joyce.
    Grab a copy,and prepare to be blown away.

    • RichardJoyce1 says:

      Hi Stu. It humbling to be compared to other brilliant authors; thank you. Do you have a best character? And why? Was the plot easy going?

  • Shirley Brohl says:

    It’s a great honor to read high quality material in this day and time. This article has all the qualities I expect in good writing. I hope you know you are truly talented. Thank you.

  • Sheila Russell says:

    I really only meant to read the first chapter as I intended to take into hospital with me (unread) but once I got started I thought I would just have another chapter and another! I did stop to make lunch but before I went to bed that night the book was finished. That gives you an idea how griping it was and how much I enjoyed it. I will look forward to reading more books written by Richard Joyce. It’s definitely a must read!

  • A Sagar says:

    A good, “hard to put down” book. Lots of interesting detail and a good pace that is easy to follow.

    A couple of discrepancies, but they do not detract from the readers’ enjoyment of the story.

    I felt compelled to continue to read, so I could find out what happened next.

    • RichardJoyce1 says:

      Thanks, A Sagar. So pleased you liked it. Keep an eye out for the sequel, and as ever, I will try my best to bring as much enjoyment.

  • Matthew says:

    Military fiction is not my normal genre but i have to say wow what a fanatic read from start to finish. The attention to detail really puts you in each of the any situation Johnny Vince finds himself in. The plot is fast paced and keeps you want to turn one more page. The character are vivid and keep you interested throughout the book. Look forward to the next novel.

    • RichardJoyce1 says:

      Cheers, Matthew. Its great to know that you picked up on the detail as a lot went into this. It’s like the author had been there. 😉

  • Elaine Russell says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. I was totally gripped as the story unfolded. I’m looking forward to the future exploits of Johnny Vince. The author brought the characters to life. Can’t wait for the next book to be published.

  • Sarah Owen-Smith Dodds says:

    Gripping, emotional and totally absorbing!!

    This book was an absolute joy to read cover to cover! It is rare for a new author to deliver such an explosive, powerful and gripping story in a style that not only immerses the reader in the landscape, but the military minutiae and the psychological impact. Some military novels can be the same, tired format trotted out again and again…this is definitely NOT one of them!!
    This is raw, uncompromising and honest.
    Richard Joyce is definitely an author who is on my radar! Can’t wait for his next masterpiece. For even more established authors, this certainly punches well above its fighting weight!! Look out!

    • RichardJoyce1 says:

      Thank you, Sarah. Any favorite scene/part/one-liner that stirred your emotions? The sequel won’t be long. Let’s hope it lives up to the first.

  • Nicola Smith says:

    This brilliant book was recommended by a friend. Without a complex plot that you have to keep going back pages to re-read, this book is very well written with fast pace, and great humour. Apart from these great aspects, there are some really emotional scenes. The author definitely drags you into the surroundings with amazing detail, but without boring the reader. Then there are the characters; totally believable. The action isn’t your normal over powered hero that can be portrayed, but a fight for survival. I have read that a sequel and a third in the Johnny Vince series are due. Hurry up, can’t wait!

    • RichardJoyce1 says:

      Hi Nicola, Thank you so much for your feedback. To read you were dragged in with the fast pace and mix of emotions humbles me. Do you have a favorite character, or scene?

  • Darron Paine says:

    “Excellent read….real Gripper”





    by Darron Paine


    As a fan of this genre, I can honestly say ” what a remarkable first novel “.
    It’s up there with any books I’ve previously read from more well known and experienced authors.
    The storyline is superb, main character Johnny Vincent is totally believable.
    Got hooked within the first few chapters and finished the book in two sittings.
    Couldn’t put it down!!!
    Can’t wait for the next installment. 
    A great novel, superbly written.
    Author Richard Joyce should be immensely proud of his achievements

  • Richard Mead says:

    What a fantastic read. A book full of adventure and excitement. It is a real page-turner and very difficult to put down. I cannot believe that this is Richard’s first novel. Well done and I look forward to reading the sequel!

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