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Does anyone have a favorite scene that provoked your emotions?

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  • Barbara Peet says:

    This book smacks of a true story from a seasoned warrior, it’s stunning that it isn’t, Richard gives the feel that he is right in there with Johnny, my favourite albeit heartbreaking scene is the helicopter crash, the emotions and the pain are beautifully portrayed. I loved the brutality, emotion and humour of every situation and the ultimate loyalty and devotion of all the main characters. The sequel cannot come soon enough

  • RichardJoyce1 says:

    Thanks for the blog reply. I tried to make it poignant, and with a bit of relief.

  • ali says:

    Hi Richard,

    It’s Ali, your publisher – just posting this as a test to see if the issue is fixed.

  • Helen says:

    Hi Richard
    I thought all of it was pretty dam amazing. And I was gripped throughout. Love your detail of military weapons and such and the emotions of the characters you create especially when Johnny is rescued both times but also the effects of war and PTSD.

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